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The NSW Handball Association (NSWHA) is the organising body for Handball – indoor Handball (sometimes also known as Team, European or Olympic Handball)and Beach Handball in NSW.  NSW Handball is a member of the national governing body, the Australian Handball Federation. NSW Handball’s mission is to support, promote and grow handball in NSW.

For indoor Handball we currently run an …


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NSW handball


A picture says more than a thousand words. NSW Handball best moments and highlights of this fast, dramatic and exciting sport have been caught on camera to share with you - enjoy.

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UNSW Handball Club
Contact: Hector (unswhc@hotmail.com
Hills Handball Club
Contact: Liam (liam.p.dailly@gmail.com | (0468) 355 426)
Harbourside Handball Club
Sydney University Handball Club
info@sydneyunihandball.com http://sydneyunihandball.com
University of Technology, Sydney
Contact: UTS handball website by clicking the following link www.utshandball.com                                   

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The NSW Handball Association has an office at Sports House, Sydney Olympic Park.

Our postal address is:
NSW Handball Association
PO Box 6471
Silverwater   NSW  1181

Our email contact details are:
President S…

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